As an artist I have always been attracted to colour and find it affects how I view this amazing world.  From the tiniest petal lying in the gutter to the grand colour palette of a prairie sky I take it all in. When I look through the camera lenses I can feel  the colour reaching out. The closer I focus, the more intense the experience. 


Jagged EdgesGraffitti-800Blue on BlueTruck Box Tie DownBlue BottlesCopper PotsRaven In WhiteBlue GrillLights, Bike, Action!Green and Yellow DoorUmbrella ShadowsGreen BottlesFencingGreen FacePumpkin PatchReflectionsPalm PatternsRed Belt Buckles Yellow LeavesCarvers PoleHat PatternsBlue KnotBlue Tarp FoldsScratchesDoor HandleSpoke AdornmentsTruck DoorString PatternContrastTaggedThe WalkQueen's Day FlagsBlue LeatherPennies in the FountainPalm LightBig Leaf MapleOn The RocksFern PatternsOut of GasOviod PatternGear SegmentYellow Pine BarkReflections in the GlassesGraffittiBottoms UpAt the MarketWing Patterns in the SnowFish BitsTree Fern in RennellBeach PebblesBike ShadowsPole in Black and WhiteTidal IceStop don't GoHaida CanoeYellow Pine ShadowsDuck PondBack LIt Willow BranchHaul ReflectionsShadows on the Wall45 GallonsYellow School BusRip RapRetun-it now!Horse TackLimes-800Glass Balloons in VegasHot contrast!Girl Behind the ScreenPaint Pot