Unique Silver Jewelry

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The unique silver jewelry by Brian Eccles displayed in this gallery has been designed his Oak Bay Studio on Vancouver Island. Each piece has been handcrafted from found objects from the beach, branches from the western red cedar tree or from Brian Eccles’s collection of  sea shells.

DSC_0834_resize_resize.jpgMoon Snail Earrings_resize.jpgSalmon Bone Earrings_resize.jpgEagle Talon PendantBlue Mussel EarringsCedar Frond EarringsCedar Frond PendantSand Dollar PendantSea Star EarringsSterling Silver Blood Star PendantBlue Mussel PendantAmmonite Fossil EarringsGreat White Shark Tooth PendantKeyhole Limpet PendantLarge Abalone PendantLarge Ammonite Fossil PendantWeathervane Scallop PendantScallop Earring SetSmall Sea Star PendantSmall Abalone PendantSmall Ammonite Fossil  Pendant
These unique pieces are cast in solid 925 sterling silver and fashioned with sterling silver chain or ear wires. The  Cedar pendants and earrings displayed in this gallery are unique, one-of-a-kind originals from the leafy impressions.  Each piece is  locked into an investment flask and burned out to ash in a 1350F degree kiln before being  cast into its final silvery design. For the small beach shells, a detailed wax mold it created before being cast into a investment flask where the wax is burned out and replaced with sterling silver. This process in commonly known as the lost wax casting method.  Brian’s unique silver designs can be purchased and are available on request.  Please click on the individual  images for details and pricing. For more information or to purchase one of these unique silver jewelry pieces, please contact Brian at     beccles131@yahoo.ca